4 Morning Routine Tips to Set Yourself Up for a Successful Day

Your own cost will never come close to Jeff Bezos. However, this does not mean that you should not try to emulate some of his successes, especially how he structures his everyday practice. According to reports, he is a big fan of enough sleep, arguing that he improves his decision-making capabilities. This is a good starting point for anyone who is interested in using every day.

Regardless of whether I need eight hours or not, I firmly believe in the morning procedures. If you start with a bit of a structure, you can better handle the chaos that arises and set your intentionality. It also allows you to model best practices for your children. Both of my children have ADHD, so giving them a daily skeleton keeps us all on track. Frankly, it also reduces the arguments. When we know about our schedules, we do not have so many controversies!

Creating most of the dawn

Most people fall into the category of owls or early birds. Regardless of your preference or when you really jump from the bed, try to avoid some of the biggest mistakes that many of us make. The first is diving directly on the device to check your email or scroll through social media when you open your eyes. Not only will it be that send you down the technological rabbit hole, but it will also eat precious time.

Speaking of food, avoid falling in the morning fishing. So, it may seem easier to capture coffee and donut than do something at home. However, one unhealthy food can lower performance by interfering with energy levels. Incorrect products can also break your circadian rhythms, making it difficult for your body to know what end ends. If you are not interested in living in a fog of constant jet lag, make a benefit and learn to feed your body well in the morning.

Until you do this, activate your creativity and enthusiasm with a bit of exercise. I like to dance, so I raise the music and perform some procedures. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you put everything in motion. This is a huge blow from adrenaline in trousers. You can do this with your children (at least I’ve found it until they become abusive teens that are hard to talk until you’re desperately going to school).

Less vigorous, but no less important in the morning, the habit I’ve adopted is to set a daily intent. This may be the word: “kindness”, “rest” or “optimism”, for example. I try to live the word throughout the day, reminding of its importance. Oh, and I spend a few minutes trying to patch the newest member of our family: a cat that just loves her.

Want to get some more tips for an effective working day? Here are some places to start:

1. Organize the night before.
Before you go to bed, write down a quick to do list. It should not be all-encompassing. Simply put your thoughts in order and lay out what you need to do. In this way, you will not have all the duties that go through your brain when you try to count the sheep at night, or when you try to get out of the door in the morning.

2. Continue your morning routine when you get into the office.

Your morning lesson does not stop as soon as you get out of the door. At work, I have a routine of spending informal time with employees, appearing for quick chats and just being left visible. As our company grows, I may not be able to be so readily available to everyone in the organization, but I will still walk around before settling down at my table. This is not only an open communication between my employees and me, but also satisfies our collective need for human relationships and meaningful communication.

3. Pay attention to the e-mail.
E-mail is both a blessing and a curse. The faster you manage your mailbox, the less power your mood will be. Find the best way to organize your emails into priorities, tasks, and similar items to maximize your performance. If you respond to e-mails during the day and do not perform mandatory rendering duties, you may have to restrict your e-mail retrieval.

4. Set aside my time.

When Stephen R. Kovy wrote about the sharpening of the saw, he stressed that this would lead to self-improvement and personal perfection. Allow time to do what you love every morning, and you will become more balanced. Even if you can give only five or ten minutes while traveling, to listen to some melodies or an interesting podcast, do it to take advantage.

I do not suggest that morning procedures stop you from having crazy days. You will still have these chaotic moments when you just want to tear your hair. However, when you start daily from the mental and nutritional behavior, you can navigate in the unpredictable, without sacrificing a huge number of pages

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